General FAQs

Can I get expedited shipping?
If you need to have expedited shipping please email us prior to placing an order. We will let you know if its possible to expedite your order processing and shipping and the applicable fees. If it is possible, we will create an invoice for you with the expedited shipping. 

Where does Clover House Designs ship to?
Clover House Designs only sells and ships to customers in the United States right now. If we start shipping internationally, we will update on our facebook page.

Does Clover House Designs create custom designed heat transfers?
We do create custom designs. We do not, however, create custom designs with copyrighted or potentially copyrighted material (e.g. movie images, characters, or certain quotes) in them. 

What type of heat transfers does Clover House Designs sell?
Currently, Clover House Designs sells professionally printed Plastisol (screen print) heat transfers and Sublimation transfers. Plastisol transfers are screen printed images, printed on a special heat transfer release paper. These transfers must be applied using a heat press machine and can be used on just about any garment type, depending on color. Sublimation uses a special ink that turns into a gas when heated and embeds itself into/onto anything with a polyester coating. Sublimation must be used on polyester and only lighter colors and must be applied with a heat press. If the item is not 100% polyester, the transfer will have faded look. We don't recommend sublimating on anything less than 65% polyester.

Can I use a household iron to apply Clover House Designs transfers?
No. Household irons will not work with Plastisol or Sublimation heat transfers. These transfer must be applied with a heat press.

What color/material type can I use Plastisol transfers on? Sublimation transfers?
Our plastisol transfers can be used on a variety of materials and colors from 100% cotton to cotton/poly blends and from white to black and in between. Your garment color choice will depend on each individual transfer design. On each design we will specify which color garments will look best with that specific transfer. If the transfer requires a specific garment material, we will also indicate that in the description. As always, if you have any questions about the designs, please email us and we will be happy to help. Our sublimation transfers must be used on polyester material (the more the better). We don't recommend going below 65% polyester. The lower the polyester count, the more faded/vintage the design will look. Sublimation must also be done on lighter color fabrics/objects for the colors to show up.

Does Clover House Designs collect sales tax?
Clover House Designs collects sales tax for Ohio and Tennessee residents only. Non Ohio/Tennessee residents are responsible for remitting use tax to their state. Consumers use tax applies to purchases from out-of-state vendors that are not required to collect sales tax on their sales for non residents.

Can transfers purchased from Clover House Designs be resold?
Please refer to our Terms of Use.